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About Us

We are a team of virtual assistants, creative experts, and digital consultants that work with small businesses, bloggers, and independent professionals. Our diverse clients all have one thing in common: a passion for their work.

We strive to match your dedication to your business while creating systems, processes, and finished products that help your business become more organized and efficient. Through our virtual assistance and digital marketing services, we  help you create a thriving and visible online brand.



We believe that excellent communication is vital to supporting our clients and strive to make communication consistent and easy through shared workspaces and convenient ways to get in touch with us.

Supporting Passions

Our passion is nurturing your passion. Your business deserves support from a team that believes in your vision and can collaborate with you to make your business thrive.


We are organizational wizards and create systems that help our clients stay organized too. We’ve got the best tools to make your business run smoothly.

Creative Collaboration

We work alongside you using creative problem solving to bring the best solutions to your business. We are your business’ cheerleaders and are there when you need help or someone to brainstorm with.


Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance fills the role of a traditional administrative assistant. A virtual assistant can help you become more organized and shorten your to-do list.

Digital Marketing

From social media to sales funnels, we offer digital marketing services for any size business on an hourly retainer or package basis.

Content Services

We specialize in blogging and copywriting for small businesses to help your brand shine and to showcase your expertise.


We design websites from start to finish and offer WordPress maintenance packages to keep your website secure and up-to-date.

Our Clients

We work with diverse clients who are inspired, have big goals, and are creating lives they love through entrepreneurship.

Our ideal client is a collaborator who wants to partner with expert assistants to find creative solutions for their business. New clients often feel overwhelmed when they contact us, but are ready to delegate to create more focus, energy, and time to spend on the highest priority tasks in their business.

If we sound like a good match click below to schedule a free consultation call.

Some of Our Previous Clients Have Included:


  • Life, Business, and Health Coaches
  • Fashion, Lifestyle, and Mom Bloggers
  • Massage Therapists, Yoga Instructors, and Other Wellness Professionals
  • Service Businesses
  • Non-Profits
  • Authors

What Clients Are Saying

Eileen Scott
Coach / Scott Coaching
When you want to work with the best, hire Be Vibrant Business Services.
Working with Amber and Alicia has been a game-changer for me personally and professionally. The freedom to focus on coaching clients and caring for my family has allowed me to exhale and enjoy the best parts of being a personal coach, wife, and mother.  Amber is the quintessential professional business owner, and her work ethic and competency are mirrored by her team. Alicia takes personal care to ensure my social media accurately reflects my values and mission. While they are on top of the cutting edge social media trends, they also embody the old-fashioned basics like kindness, patience and reliability. When you’re ready to let go of trying to do everything yourself, hire a virtual assistant.
Angel Penn
Blogger / Angel Penn
Kind, professional, very helpful.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amber a few projects pertaining to my blog. From the moment that I met her in a Facebook group, she was kind, professional and very helpful. As we started working together, she could ascertain the vision of what I wanted, and would run with it. She always communicated timely, asked the right questions and followed up exactly when she said she would (or even earlier.) Amber is a great listener and a wonderful person to work with! I look forward to working with her again.
Rebecca Brumfield
Founder and Coach / Badass Bodyworkers
My anxiety and stress levels have drastically lowered.
Since I have found Amber, she has dramatically increased the amount of free time for self-care, and the amount of time I have to focus on the important tasks in my business. She is so easily accessible and very quick to answer all of my questions and suggest time-saving tools and options to help me along my entrepreneurial journey. The only thing I wish is that she lived closer to me so I could hire her full time!
Arvin Khamseh
Coach / Arvin Khamseh
Better than the rest!
My concern about hiring a virtual assistant was that I hired a bunch previously, and the extra work and time that is needed to train a VA would ultimately defeat the purpose of delegating to begin with. You were straightforward, efficient, and self-reliant. Very pleased! People should hire a virtual assistant because they can't do everything themselves.
Beth Whitman
Healing Facilitator / Inspired Holistic Wellness
A-ma-zing. Efficient, organized, and savvy. Having a virtual assistant created freedom for me to focus on family and strategic activities. Hire a VA if you want better family/work balance.

Meet Your Team

Amber McClincy

Amber McClincy

Company Owner | Team Lead

Amber is the founder and team lead of Be Vibrant Business Services. Her passion is helping businesses succeed. She is a WordPress junkie and lover of all thing social media. Her most recent training has included courses in Facebook ads, sales funnels, and digital marketing. Outside of work, she blogs about entrepreneurship for women, drinks too much coffee and is the proud mama of a houseful of furry and feathered animals.

Samantha Clements

Samantha Clements

Virtual Assistant | Graphic Designer

Samantha is a stay at home mom and an avid hockey fan. She has been doing freelance graphic design for several years and has accumulated a lot of customer service, data entry and office administration skills from her years of managing a UPS Store. She will be graduating in the spring with her BBA from Shorter University and is eager to help small businesses meet their potential and exceed their goals. Sam also owns an Etsy Shop and would love to work with new and old Etsians in building or marketing their shops.

Alicia McClincy

Alicia McClincy

Virtual Assistant

Alicia is a dedicated mompreneur who chose to work from home to be close to her kids. As a VA, she loves seeing dreams turn into realities and helping businesses thrive. Keeping up-to-date on skills and continued learning is important to her and she often takes courses to upgrade her social media management and digital marketing skills.  Most of all, she enjoys assisting businesses to reach their full online potential through social media.

Krystal Doolittle

Krystal Doolittle

Virtual Assistant | Copywriter

Krystal is a self proclaimed computer nerd who loves all things internet. Learning new platforms and skills are something she does for fun. She is Hootesuite certified in Social Marketing and Hubspot certified in Inbound Marketing and has also taken courses to help her develop as a copywriter. Helping business owners with what she has learned is one of her greatest passions. When not online she can be found fishing, driving in the country with the windows down or binge watching her latest favorite show.

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