It’s no secret that video is the trend on social media, and it will come as no surprise when I tell you that videos get the most engagement. Video marketing is a powerful tool for businesses of any size. In fact, 72% of people would rather learn about new products and services via video (Hubspot). If you want to get the most out of your marketing strategy on social media, you need to create social media videos.

That begs the question, what tools do you need to create social media videos? Making videos can be intimidating and you want them to be high quality, but high quality in the online world doesn’t mean high tech! Here are 5 tools you need to create social media videos (and I bet you already have some of them).



A good quality camera is, obviously, the most important thing you need to make videos. Ditch the grainy webcam that came as part of your laptop – people need to be able to see you to connect!

Luckily, your smartphone is powerful enough to shoot high quality videos. I recommend using it in conjunction with a tripod made for smart phones. Get some more tips on using your smartphone to shoot videos here.

The next step up is an HD webcam, which aren’t super expensive in the $40-100 range. If you want something that uploads video directly to your computer and provides clear, quality video, try a webcam like the Logitech C920, which is what I use to create videos for Facebook.

To shoot extremely high quality (think professional quality) videos, many people use DSLR cameras, but they really aren’t necessary for social media videos. Your smartphone camera or a great webcam are sufficient to create videos that your audience will enjoy.



Depending on your camera, its built-in microphone, and the environment you’re filming in, you may want an external microphone to improve the audio quality. I use this one and have found that it does provide better audio quality than my Logitech C920’s microphone.

create social media videos


When I say backdrop, I don’t mean a fancy studio backdrop, although Amazon has some great options if you’re looking for something that will cut distractions in your video. Most online entrepreneurs and small business owners can get away with a nice area of their home or office instead. Just make sure the area you’re filming in is clean, professional and as free of distractions as possible. I’ve been known to film in my bedroom, living room, home office, and back yard!


Good Lighting

You don’t need a professional lighting setup to film videos with quality lighting. Try filming near a sunny window with your face toward the sunlight or experiment with a variety of lamps you already have around the house. A lamp placed directly behind your camera, so that it lights up your face, is particularly good for improving the lighting in your videos.


Video Editing Software

If you’re one of those people who can film a 1-5 minute social media video in one go with no mistakes, I applaud you. I am not one of those people and would be lost without video editing software. With editing software, you can also create social media videos with titles, transitions, and cool effects. I use Movavi to edit my videos and have found that it’s user-friendly and inexpensive.


Filming social media videos doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. Even if you decide to invest in a webcam, microphone, and video editing software, you’ll likely spend less than $200 on your entire collection of video tools. If that still sounds like too high a price tag, remember that your smartphone is sufficient for most social media videos. There are even apps to help you edit them right from your phone.

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