There are so many methods of getting followers on Instagram. If you have a new Instagram account, even getting 100 followers on Instagram can seem daunting. Never fear! This is just one method of gaining followers quickly and engaging authentically on the image-based social media network.

This method was actually taught to me by a client back in my early virtual assistant days, and we used it to grow her following to over 1000 followers and build her corresponding Facebook group in a very small wellness niche. Follow the steps below, or check out the video to see this method in action.

Step #1: Find your ideal clients

Use hashtags to find your ideal clients. You can search hashtags in Instagram’s search bar to find top posts and most recent posts from people using that hashtag. Not sure which hashtags might be good for your business? You can use to do a little research before you start searching.


Step #2: Like 3 photos

Once you find a profile that matches your ideal client, like 3 of their photos using the heart button.


Step #3: Comment on 2 photos

Next, comment on two of their photos. It’s common on Instagram to say things like, “Love it!” or “Great profile.” These comments come across as spammy and geared only toward getting follows, so avoid generic comments. Write something thoughtful related to their photo or the story they tell in the status portion of the post.


Step #4: Follow, if appropriate

If you like what you see on their profile, follow them. People love to follow back when people take a genuine interest in their posts and care enough to follow them.


Step #5: Repeat – 15 minutes a day

Doing these steps 15 minutes a day will help you grow your Instagram following fast! When other Instagram users see that you’re engaging authentically and that you like their posts enough to follow them, they often follow back. Make sure that you’re also posting great photos at least a few times a week so they have something to see on your profile!

This isn’t the only or the most advanced way to build your Instagram following, of course, but it’s a great start for Instagram newbies who want to grow their following quickly and organically. These steps will make it a breeze to get 100 followers on Instagram this week.

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