One of the hardest things about marketing and networking on LinkedIn is writing a headline that attracts the clients you want to work with. With only 120 characters to introduce yourself, how do you tell your ideal clients who you are? How do you show them that you can solve their problems with your products or services?

Writing a great LinkedIn headline doesn’t have to be hard. There are 3 main things to consider when you write your headline. Once you understand those 3 pieces, writing an attractive headline is a lot easier!


Three components of a great LinkedIn Headline:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. Who you serve

It may seem simple, but those are the important things you have to squeeze into your headline, and fitting them into LinkedIn’s character limit can be challenging. If you’re looking for some ideas, get our 10 LinkedIn Headline Templates to Attract Your Ideal Clients. If you want to know more about what each of those things means, with some examples, read on.

Who You Are

Tell people who you are. Are you a course creator? Wellness coach? Infopreneur? This part doesn’t have to be that creative. Just tell them who you are and be straight forward about it. While things like, “Digital Marketing Wizard” or “The Julia Childs of Food Blogging” or “Facilitator of Digital Greatness” sound cool, no one wants to have to interpret your job title. Just tell it like it is.

What You Do

This is where you get to let your creativity shine. This is where you sell it. What do you do? If you want to reach your ideal clients, make this part about the pain you solve. It can be as plain as, “I help new moms balance their home life with their professional life,” or more creative: “Helping non-writers publish their dream ebook in 90 days.” This is the place to intrigue your potential clients and make them ask more questions about what you can do for them.

A good rule for telling people what you do in your LinkedIn headline is to use a tone that matches your brand. For example, if your primary purpose is to educate people or sell your informational products, ask a question. If you have a fun, lighthearted persona online, use that to your advantage to make you stand out in the sea of other headlines.

Who You Serve

Lastly, tell people who you serve. You don’t want people to have to guess if they’re your ideal client or someone they might refer a client to. This might tie in with the “what you do” section, and if you can fit the two together seamlessly, that’s even better!

Some Examples

When you tie it all together, your LinkedIn headline tells people, concisely, if they’re your ideal client. No guesswork involved.

Here are some examples:

Business coach experienced at helping millenial entrepreneurs travel the globe while they work.

Udemy Course Creator – I teach workaholics to take the busy out of business.

Author and video course creator | Curing canine bad habits one dog at a time.

LinkedIn headlines are so important because people see them everywhere on LinkedIn, including anywhere you post or engage, even before they visit your profile. An optimized LinkedIn headline that speaks to your ideal client is vital to communicating within the LinkedIn network. Use these tips and examples to write your own headline that will educate and attract your dream client to what you do.

Still think you can’t write a great LinkedIn headline? Don’t forget to grab our proven headline templates and give your headline a new look today!