How will I know if I’m getting results from social media?

This is one of the most common questions we receive about social media management. Entrepreneurs want to know that their investment in social media is going to result in new clients finding and purchasing from their business. It’s an important question, and the answer is another question.

What are your goals?

When you aren’t utilizing social media to reach specific, measurable goals, it’s very easy to get pulled in too many directions. This often leads to posting fluff content just for the sake of putting something up on your page. No one likes fluff content. Every link you share, graphic you post, or piece of content you provide should be geared toward reaching your goals.

How to set more measurable goals for your social media

Since we manage social media for many coaches with an online component to their business, let’s use a life coach as an example.

This life coach – we’ll call her Bethany – has several packages of services available to her clients. She knows that her ideal clients are new mothers who are career-oriented. They are transitioning into motherhood while balancing mom life with their professional life.

Bethany would like to use Facebook to sell all of her packages, attract new clients, promote an upcoming retreat for moms and babies, and grow her email list by promoting an opt-in for a short ebook she wrote recently.

Can you see how easy it would be to become scattered? A scattered Facebook page is confusing to people visiting it. They may not understand what she does or what to buy or even how to contact her – do they opt-in? Email? Message her on Facebook?

results from social media

Instead of posting everything at once, Bethany focuses on the two specific goals that would bring her the most revenue right now. We always tell our clients to choose a short-term goal to focus on with social media. The actions you take to achieve short-term goals lead you on the path to achieving your long-term goals.

She chooses to focus on selling her middle-tier package and promoting her retreat. She gets even more specific and makes her goals measurable: Sell 5 packages this month and get 10 people to enroll in her retreat. All of her content is geared toward achieving those two goals.

What does that mean for content strategy?

Your content strategy is what will help you achieve the goals you’ve set as milestones for assessing results from your social media efforts. Your strategy should build trust and promote the benefits of working with you.

In order to do so, she might blog about topics she covers in the package or themes she’ll be speaking about at the retreat. Photos of past retreats can entice new retreat-comers to sign up. And, of course, content such as tips, infographics, personal stories, and testimonials from previous clients – all geared toward her ideal client – will show new moms that she is the coach to guide them through this huge life transition. A variety of content keeps her page fresh and interesting.

Around 20% of her content should be promotional, the other 80% inspirational, motivating, or informational. There should be consistent calls-to-action everywhere. This is another area where she doesn’t want to cause confusion. All of her CTAs should also be directed at her measurable goals.

She might ask people to visit her website with a link to the specific package she is promoting. She could direct people interested in the retreat by requesting that they visit a landing page with testimonials from people who have previously attended her events. From those pages, there should be a more specific call-to-action: Book a discovery call. Reserve your spot.

Measuring results from social media

Your social media results are measured in whether or not you achieved your short-term goals. Did Bethany gain 5 new clients for the package she wanted to sell? Did 10 people visit her retreat landing page and sign up? Always ask new clients how they found you, so that you can track who is finding you through social media. That is how you’ll know if you’re getting results from social media.

Social media is time-consuming. Hiring someone else to handle it for you is an investment that only makes sense if you are achieving your goals. By setting measurable, short-term goals and posting content that works toward those goals, you can maximize the effectiveness of your social media channels.

If you are struggling to get results from social media or use social media as a way of achieving your business goals, reach out to us. We want to learn more about your business and the milestones you are working toward on your path to success.